Practise Makes Perfect

It’s very easy to look at a stunning image and forget the artistry that it takes to produce a good one. So today we put our skills to the test and produced a number of 10 second clips, making sure to include: a wide, close-up, and extreme close-up shot; a shot displaying fore, mid, and back ground; as well as playing with the focus and depth of field. Below is the result of my tests. 


Although overall I was happy with my image composition, the exercise allowed me to review some areas of my video cinematography which I need to improve for the assessment task. Clarity of the subject was a major issue, which could be fixed by understanding that the eye is drawn to sharp focus and highlights. Below is the link to a remoscope where I have over-dramatised the low-angle shot to make it clear that the branches are the subject of the image (as opposed to the ambiguity of clip 4 above.) 

Through understanding image composition and its power to communicate meaning, a successful image can be produced. An interesting perspective to consider is what is not in the shot. Creating a sense of ambiguity can leave an audience wondering whilst creating a loud and clear message. Another intriguing technique is the exploration of vertical images, as they omit a sense of instability leaving the viewer feeling unsettled. I will definitely consider composition, framing, depth, lighting, colour, and focus when producing Remoscopes to represent Where I’m From.




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