The Game of Secrets

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In the Game of Secrets, you win or you die.

Before the invention of the telegraph, messages had to be physically transported to their receiver. (Shocking I know). This caused a dramatic shift in world perception as it became unified through the extraction and transportation of information from matter. However, a fundamental concern with the control of information arose, and a need for new ways of encoding (and decoding) messages along with it.

Genius. Revolutionary. Badass. All words that come to mind when we think of Alan Turing. He is best known for his Turing Test and breaking the Enigma Code. Although, we mustn’t forget his renowned pioneering in early computing, programming, cryptology, and artificial intelligence (to name a few) that earned him the title of ‘Father of Modern Computer Science’.

And so, it is for the substantial nature of his achievements with the Enigma Machine that I have created the above gif which celebrates Alan Turing’s badassery and bravery – capturing how I believe he would’ve felt when he broke the code and saved 14-21 million lives.


6 Replies to “The Game of Secrets”

  1. Its interesting to think, what would the world be like today without these inventions and evolutions…? How would we be communicating to foreign countries, and gaining knowledge? Cyberspace probably would not exist without these previous developments.


    1. Definitely. It’s hard to think of our lives without the technologies we take for granted in them – especially if we have never lived outside the frameworks of a heavily digitalised world. It makes you grateful for the inventions of the past and people who pioneered in fields that shape our lives today.

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  2. Its super weird that we don’t learn about this in school hey? Like here’s a man who puts his life and sanity on the line to attempt something that’s basically inconceivable, saves millions of lives and… happens to be gay… curious right?


    1. Yeah definitely, I mean I wasn’t even aware of his story until I saw the biopic about it. He is honestly such a courageous and brave person and deserves to be celebrated not only for his achievements but for his strength also. But I suppose his ‘thing’ was also about stressing that the small victories matter as much as the large ones so its ironic in a way that his achievements aren’t as widlely known as others.


  3. Hey nice Game of Thrones reference! Never knew about Alan Turing so thanks so for using him as an example effectively. I guess our equivalent today to him would be a hacker. We have become so accustomed to our easy accessibility to communication it’s hard to imagine anything otherwise. It’s even crazier to imagine the next couple of generations saying the same about our internet compared to their futuristic communication technology.

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    1. Yeah! Like its funny to think how cynical we will be about new technology and tell our grand kids ‘back in my day we had to google to find information you have it easy with your brain chips’ etc. And I guess with everything we take for granted, we don’t often consider the people who advocated for the lives we enjoy now. Thank you for your comment, I am glad other people are starting to appreciate Alan Turing too. 🙂


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