The rise of the planet of the memes

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To represent John Boyd’s OODA loop, what better than an Ood loop? #DoctorDonna

In an age where memes have the power to sway the masses, it is essential that we understand the powerful framework that memetic feedback provides to our messages. As seen with Donald Trump’s successful presidency campaign, and Pauline’s recent burqa stunt – those who understand how to utilize decentralised OODA loops, often not only reduce their transaction costs, but increase the ‘buzz’ surrounding their message.

This is because, without feedback, there is no communication. Among the rise of information networks and the knowledge economy, efficient control and coordination of information is essential.

And the fact is, network coordination is expensive, leading to a shift towards faster information flow, resulting in the favouring of decentralised feedback loops, which allow for quicker and simplified decision making therefore increase adaptability. However, a decentralised feedback loop is not necessarily more efficient – a centralised loop allows for more thorough and controlled decision making. But, when production determines the mode of power (decision-making), and the production is based on information, information is power. So memes have a purpose after all…


2 Replies to “The rise of the planet of the memes”

  1. Your information was very clearly presented in a way that was easy for me to grasp, and you executed your point about memes well! Although I would have liked to know more about your opinion on this matter- would you prefer a centralised or distributed network? Maybe a bit of both? I believe it would be interesting if you included this within the blog.

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    1. Hey! Thank you for your comment. It’s hard to go either way actually – only because you don’t want to have virtually no control, but you also want some sort of control – so I believe the (somewhat) distributed network Facebook and other social media sites use is ideal to keep users feeling in control, although more privacy would be nice. I can definitely do an extended post – thanks for your feedback 🙂


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