Rotten Apple

I’m not mad, Apple, I’m just disappointed.

Screen Shot 2017-09-15 at 12.16.22 pm.png

For this week’s post, I decided to create a meme which highlights Apple’s lack of progress in phone innovation (since the original iPhone); in order to question why people keep paying such large sums for polished balls of dirt.

I will admit, I am an avid iPhone user and when faced with the choice between an iPhone and an Android in the past, I have chosen an iPhone every time – but why? Why do I have this incessant fear that straying from the Apple cult is a big mistake? Why do I feel like as soon as I switch to Android, the ghost of Steve Jobs will take up residency in my attic, and never let it go?

Screen Shot 2017-09-15 at 12.51.00 pm.png

If we compare Android and Apple (above), it’s clear that Android is the friendlier company which produces better mobile phones – as outlined here. So, why is Apple so successful?

Apple or Android – Where do you stand? Comment below.


3 Replies to “Rotten Apple”

  1. I was originally an Apple user for my introduction to technology. I had most of the early iPhones and iPods but as time went on, I slowly realized how much of a friendly company Android and Samsung are.

    I think the reason behind Apples backwards business model is, they don’t listen to their consumer. They don’t have the appeal they did when the iPhone was first released. The uproar over the lack of a headphone jack on the iPhone 9 and yet there still isn’t one on the X. Doesn’t make sense.

    Apple is falling behind but, if your’e after a similar competition story then id suggest reading up on Nvidia vs AMD. Nvidia was the leading competitor in computer hardware for years until AMD began to overtake in innovation recently. Now there is a constant power struggle between the two.

    I’m not going to be surprised if Apple vs Android becomes a similar situation.

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  2. I remember when I got my first second hand iPhone and because all my friends had iPhones, things like iMessage and apps just seemed to sync, I loved it! When I got a different phone I could do everything I needed plus more but just didn’t sync as well with communicating and using platforms with friends who had iPhones (the gap I find is closing more and more over the years).
    Here is an article with what I experienced (Android not receiving iMessages from iPhones).
    Anyway by time I saved enough to buy my own brand new iPhone, (which was a ridiculous price) I dropped it down the toilet 7 months in and it was destroyed, I vowed I would never spend that much money on an phone again, for what it did… it just wasn’t worth it. For about 2 years I’m now an Android gal and would recommend it too!

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  3. There is no doubt that iPhones are the more popular smart phone when comparing with others, but why? if we are all able to see that other friendlier companies like Samsung and Android. You have a great blog post that outlines the differences between Apple and Android companies but don’t you think it would be more beneficial if you discussed they reason as to why iPhone is in front, even though we know Android have the better smart phone?

    Not sure if you have read this but it got shown to me recently. its a list similar to yours in heaps of detail.


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