Hacktivism and Me

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“The defining human struggle not as left versus right, or faith versus reason, but as individual versus institution” -Raffi Khatchadourian

Hacktivism is everywhere: on our TV screens, in our papers, and pretty much all over the internet. So, this week being all about Digital Resistance, I have created a glitchy gif of a certain infamous hacker group who shall remain anonymous ;). But, with all this hacking going on should we be concerned about the privacy of our information? What measures do you take to protect your information? And just how safe do you really think it is? Comment below.


2 Replies to “Hacktivism and Me”

  1. Hi Jasmyn,
    The mediation you have created is a really nice aesthetic depiction of this week’s topics, and in doing so you have gotten straight to the point of what was discussed in the lecture. I think the issue of Hacktivism is definitely multi faceted, and while you have asked whether this is a concern for our privacy, I think there are also many other issues associated with the movement.

    Personally, I do not feel concerned about my privacy in regard to hacktivism. Without a doubt, I am aware that I probably should be conscious of it, but having said that I personally find other issues of privacy much more pressing. For example, metadata and the use of my search history in tailoring advertisements to me. I guess that’s just because it’s what I’ve had first hand experience with in the past. Thankfully (touch wood!) I have never been hacked so that’s probably why I’m quite oblivious to it!

    I particularly found your quote from Khatchadourian very intriguing, and did a little bit of further research on him. I actually found an AMA with him from reddit which was interesting – check it out if you felt like it! https://www.reddit.com/r/IAmA/comments/35y3ne/im_raffi_khatchadourian_im_a_staff_writer_at_the/

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  2. Good pun. Personally, I’m not all that concerned with the attempted accumulation of my personal data and information by ‘hackers’. My information is online in multiple places already. If people were to look on my Facebook, all my information is essentially available. How do we know if hackers are illegally accessing your data or simply looking on your Facebook page or even buying it from information brokers such as google.
    Here’s a little information on the nature of information selling. http://www.newsweek.com/secretive-world-selling-data-about-you-464789


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