World War H

“Each successfully exploited target is theoretically useful as a means to infiltrating another possible target.” – source

In the beginning, we fought our wars with spears and swords, and then, with guns and grenades, and now with keyboards and codes. It is widely believed that our next world war will be that of a Cyberwar and it’s not hard to imagine why. Between hacking online polls and major events such as the recent US presidential election hackers are everywhere, and they may be the key to modern warfare. And with North Korea’s main spy agency’s special cell called Unit 180 being reportedly responsible for many major cyber attacks; you may be wondering – how do I prepare for the impending Cyberwar? Well, luckily for you, this week I have prepared a simple guide for any budding hackers. Do you think the threat of a Cyberwar is real? Comment below.

Screen Shot 2017-10-14 at 4.50.39 pm.png

5 Replies to “World War H”

  1. Hey Jasmyn. first of all, of course, cyber warfare is a threat, just recently I spoke about on my blog post how recent flaws in the WPA2 wi-fi networks are potentially allowing people to see an incredible amount of information. And this isn’t even someone attempting to break in! . I think it is a fine line between who hackers go after and what they do. I think it makes a point that you should question what your job entails ethically, especially with any online interaction.

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    1. Hi! Thank you for your comment, I’ve been hearing a lot about the WPA2 flaws so your blog post was really helpful in aiding me to understand them a bit more. Ethics is definitely a very big issue as far as hacking is concerned – as we can see in the case of Snowden. Do you think he is a hero or a criminal?

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  2. World War H is a very real threat, with the world being so closely connected through the internet, the possibility that eventually someone will exploit that is definitely something that could happen. I thoroughly enjoyed your meme, especially the use of the Trojan horse, made me kick myself for not thinking of that earlier. Great use of sources, keep up the great work.

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  3. Hey Jasmine, world war H is defiantly a threat, especially with the world moving a lot more of their information, important or not, online, there is an increasing pressure on the hosts of the information to keep it as safe as possible. The repercussions of this can be seen in the recent Equifax hacking and leaking of information ( Really loved your meme, it added to your point and the trojan horse really made me laugh

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  4. Just like every other comment on your blog, world war H is a treat, especially now more then ever due to the world having every single detail about us, either it be online or not. You blog post was a little short and i would of loved a bit more detail into your thoughts about world war H. although you had a great use of sources and creative meme

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