iEye Captain


I had heard the phrase ‘Internet of Things’ before, but I never really understood what it meant. With everything from toilets to shoes now connected to the internet, it’s not hard to imagine the fact that during 2008, the number of things connected to the internet exceeded the number of people on earth. So, as the idea of everything – and anything – being connecting to the internet quite frankly amuses me; I created a gif which displays my invention – the iEye. The iEye synchronises your emotions and your Facebook status, uploading updates on how you are feeling as well as changing the colour of your HUD to suit your current emotion. It’s the mood ring of the future… Can you imagine a world where we would quite literally wear our emotions on our [sleeves] – eyes? What crazy Internet of Things inventions can you come up with? Comment below…

I’ve also produced a speed-edit of the eye-HUD for those interested in some behind the scenes action:

2 Replies to “iEye Captain”

  1. Hi Jasmyn, I don’t know why but I read your title in the spongebob pirate voice (perhaps it was the pirate associations) . Anyway… that’s an AWESOME remediation.

    The iEye is actually not too far removed from something that could be on the market very soon. Sony just last year filed a patent on their recordable eye contacts( .

    The contacts can detect eye movement via sensors all the while tracking your eye movement data relentlessly. A semantic interface is incorporated via smartphone. Obviously this could raise serious privacy issues as it’s literally connected to you (Plus I’m not sure that there’s a discernable way to tell the contacts are recording) .

    There’s a great episode in Black Mirror that explores these capabilities called the Entire History of You which you should really check out! Not to spoil anything but the outcome of the episode is definitely something that could happen in real life. Thanks for the great read! ☺

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