The Pigeon Hole

You learn from your mistakes. How ’bout that? – @PastaNathan

Introducing my new and improved Digital Artefact: The Pigeon Hole.

I will be managing a photo series which will appear across Instagram, Twitter, Facebook. The aim of this series is to confront and combat stereotypes by changing the way we see each other. Through sharing stories, the series will allow users to get to know fellow UOW students, staff, and anyone else who happens to be around campus; hopefully spreading positivity as a result.

The premise is simple: I will ask you to write one word that you feel stereotypes you. This could be a word you have been called, a word you think you are associated to, or even a word that you consider yourself as. I will then ask you one simple question: Why did you choose that word? The resulting communication will be documented either in a photograph and quote, or video format, and displayed across some of the social media channels.

I will go into more detail about concept, methodology, and utility for those lucky enough to be in my tutorial. But basically I just wanted to create something which benefits both individuals and the community. Individuals are able to confront their stereotypes and be understood, whilst the community is strengthened through a deepened understanding of one another.

I look forward to getting to know those involved with the project, and can’t wait to get going!

You can follow me at:

Twitter: @PigeonHole_UOW

Instagram: @PigeonHole_UOW

Facebook: The Pigeon Hole UOW

And email any inquiries/submissions to

Please don’t hesitate to contact me either on my personal accounts or the accounts listed if you’d like to be involved. I am always looking for more people’s stories to share.

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