Working With Film (is hard)

If I have learnt anything during the last week, it is that working with film is hard. After distressing my film celluloids (see here) I eagerly awaited the moment when I got to see them on the big screen. However, they were an epic fail. The paint was not opaque enough to allow light through the celluloid, so mostly looked black, and the bleaching, whilst an interesting effect, merely looked lighter than the rest of the footage.


My saving grace was the scratch-work that I did over the top of the celluloids. The problem, however is that I have about 10-15 seconds of usable footage for a 60 second project.

Screen Shot 2018-03-09 at 3.02.36 pm.png

BUT I have embraced my failures and turned my project in a new direction – working with double exposures and colour to explore rhythm in a contemporary way whilst using the traditional footage. In other words, I will do digitally what I failed to do physically in terms of colouration. Here’s what I have so far, let me know what you think!

giphy (8).gif


Have you ever considered the hard work and skill that went in to early cinema works? Comment below.

Cover image:

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