When Push Comes to Shove

For about a week, I have been struggling with thinking of an idea for my BCM212 research task. And then suddenly I found myself confronted with an issue that – although right in front of me – I had never even considered. Push notifications! You know those (annoying) notifications – from Facebook, and Twitter, and Snapchat, and many, many apps we have on our various devices that pop up to inform us that we have a new message, or a meeting in an hour? How do these notifications themselves impact our studies?

Do these notifications distract us from the tasks we are completing? Do they help us keep more organised? (I know I have all of my classes scheduled in my phone with reminders)

Does the sense of euphoria we feel when we receive a message positively impact our studies? And so, does the dreaded anticipation of an unwanted message or notification negatively impact our studies?

What about ‘phantom’ notifications? Do they break our study ‘flow’ – hence making us unable to focus again?

What are our notification practises when it comes to studying? Do we mute them, or let them take control?

These are just a few of the questions that came to mind when I considered the effects of push notifications on mood and concentration. Questions I aim to answer through my BCM212 research task.

So, far from what I can gather, Push Notifications are a strategic marketing technique aimed to increase user interaction with the app/website/platform of the notification sender. They are aimed to be attention-grabbing, some are aimed to stick around, and most don’t go away until you clear the notification. So, I am interested to find out how students navigate their studies whilst being flooded with these Push Notifications.

Do you find Push Notifications helpful or harmful? Comment below.

Cover image source: https://appinstitute.com/push-notification-marketing/

2 Replies to “When Push Comes to Shove”

  1. I find them so annoying that I have to put my phone on ‘do not disturb’ when I’m studying! I do find them helpful when it tells you how long it will take you to get to work and what the traffic situation is like.

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