Riding the Vapor-wave

Digital craft is all about finding new ways to make things, so this week I’ve made my own song in the style of Vaporwave, using mp3 files sourced from Youtube and remixed in Audacity. I love the laid-back, groovy sound that Vaporwave embodies, and I think the aesthetics of the graphics are really unique. But, instead of taking an ordinary song and slowing it, changing the pitch a bit, and adding some reverb, I’ve decided to do something a bit more meme-y. So, I present to you, with all the flair of the ~ original ~ Vaporwave jam: Donald Trump sings Havana (Vaporwave Remix):

Now, this took me about 50 attempts at 50 different iterations and ideas to get (kind of) right, which I think is at the heart of digital craft. It’s all about adapting the unexpected outcomes of experimentation. The unexpected result of my experimentation was a beautifully choppy, robotic donald trump Vaporwave daydream, which actually turned out pretty cool.

So, If you’re interested in doing some digital craft of your own, here’s some of the videos I used to help me. I highly recommend the second video, it’s the best tutorial you’ll ever watch.

What’s your Vaporwave jam? Comment below.

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