New news, new problems

“Simple equation: free, open uncontrollable Internet versus shackled newspapers equals no newspapers. Let’s get real” – Rupert Murdoch

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In a world where everyone is a publisher, news is no longer a pre-packaged product. It is no longer sold to us to passively consume, such as in the days of the legacy media’s predominance. Thanks to the internet, open access to news is now achievable. However, like all things, it comes at a cost. The distributed journalism model, although great for citizen journalists, and the breaking down of narrow control over news content, means the removal of the quality filters that legacy gatekeepers protect. So, while we all have the freedom to post whatever we want (and call it news) we must be weary of where our news comes from, and if it can be trusted. So, this week, I concocted a satirical gif which depicts the joy of the distributed journalism model, and its destructive capabilities (below).

Animated GIF-downsized_large

What do you consider ‘news’? And where do you source it?  Comment below.

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3 Replies to “New news, new problems”

  1. By far the simplest and most understandable summary of the topic for this week that I have read! As a fellow BCM student I always feel like teachers and making us aware of unreliable resources we use to get information from, especially in our assignments. But who really goes to the library to reference a book as a source of information these days, all our sources of information come straight from the internet (well mine do!) and when you think about how is credible really are the source we are using, like you pointed out in your blog post anyone can be out there posting anything as the internet is a free space for everyone to use.

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  2. Personally, I think it would almost be better if went back to the days where legacy media was the only way we received our news. Trusted publications and sources are hard to come by these days and this piece highlights how you recognize that.
    ps. what website did you use to make your gif.
    Please and thankyou

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    1. Thank you! I edited a video on after effects, exported using a .h264 codec and then used GIPHY to create the gif 🙂


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