Copyright lawyers HATE him

“And quite often, Disney’s great genius, his spark of creativity, was built upon the work of others.”  – Lawrence Lessig

It’s a tale as old as time, true as it can be. Nothing is ever truly original.

I like to consider myself a modern-day Shakespeare. You know, borrowing materials, sprucing them up a bit, making them into something that modern people will enjoy – that sort of thing. This is the reality for a majority of the users of participatory media, where, in an information economy, value lies in the un-copyable. And, with the key dynamic of modern-day copyright laws being control of content, it is harder than ever to keep creativity and originality flowing.

Screen Shot 2018-04-27 at 8.18.35 pm.png

So, this week I used some “Walt Disney Creativity” of my own to create a ~ completely ~ original and ~ very ~ copyright free meme, which displays a discontent towards Shakespeare’s ability to succeed through the “brilliance of the differences” [Lawrence Lessig] between his ‘inspirations’ and his plays.

Here’s some common copyright myths:


How copyright aware are you when you engage with participatory media? Comment below.


3 Replies to “Copyright lawyers HATE him”

  1. The beauty of the internet is in its participatory nature. I agree that it is a sad reality for us internet users who enjoy remixing content to create something new. This is not just because an outdated form of copyright has rusted onto the internet, but because policy makers and creators alike cannot see that these laws damage more than just online users’ ability to incorporate someone else’s work into their own ideas. Without the ability to take liberal inspiration from others, art/media remains stagnant, certain products of thought become increasingly more off limits and culture does not evolve. This is because we as a culture have stopped at a particular point and are trying to explore every possible original route beyond that point, as opposed to taking one path and iterating on each other’s ideas along this single line of progression. The online information economy needs to change, otherwise the internet will become a hive of conflict–originality vs unoriginality–with the gods of copyright striking their wrath needlessly upon users.

    I know I’ve been a little bit dramatic, but hey thats what we do on the web. Do you have any more thoughts on what we can change about copyright? This website, has a few and you might find it clarifies what I mean about the stagnation of culture due to copyright.

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