“The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but having new eyes” – Marcel Proust

I have found the process of researching the relation between Push Notifications and Students very interesting. Initially, I set out determined to prove that push notifications are a major distraction, and I thought, surely, my research must reflect that. But I was wrong.

After setting my survey free into the online world, I have received some very mixed results. All respondents so far use at least one mobile device for their learning, which they receive push notifications on. Thus far, 72.73% of these participants indicated that they ‘frequently’ received push notifications during their university studies. However, I received widely spread results when I asked if students purposely block notifications in order to concentrate on their studies. And this, is what interests me the most…

Although my participants have signified that they become distracted by notifications, not many of them do anything about it. This is an issue I am to explore in my interviews, which, so far, have produced very intriguing results. Students are using push notifications in different ways, at different rates, some – not at all. And it is becoming clearer throughout my research that the lack of qualitative data available on the subject had lead to my original, narrow hypothesis, and that my research into this complex and multifaceted issue is becoming increasingly important.

At this point, I cannot conclusively state where I think my research findings are headed, but that is the beauty of this project. I am constantly surprised by my results and tailor my research strategies based on them. For example, I completed an experiment in class in order to observe my survey trends in a real-life setting. The results are below:

results 4-5

If you’re interested in following the progress of my research, all blog posts related to this topic can be found here.

Please note: at this time I am unable to provide my survey analysis as it is still ongoing. If you would like to read the final results, watch this space for my incoming opinion piece. 

[cover image source]

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