Z U C C ~ A Transmedia Tale ~

Transmedia storytelling expands well beyond blockbuster movie franchises.

My first recollection of Mark Zuckerberg was as this ominous demi-god who ruled over all the internet-land [pictured below]. Facebook revolutionised the way we use the internet. In fact, in some cases, people actually think that Facebook is the internet, or rather, that it is so dominant that the “Internet is just the underlying platform that powers it [Facebook].”

Screen Shot 2018-05-06 at 11.13.57 am.png

The way we have come to know Facebook’s mysterious creator is through the portrayals of him in various forms of media. We are able to piece together who he is through consideration of his Facebook page, media appearances, biopics,  (fake?) Twitter account, books, podcasts, Congressional testimony, and of course, memes. Lots of memes. In a way, these combine to form Zuckerberg’s own transmedia story. But there’s one piece missing. So,  I present to you:

Z   U   C   C  : The Musical.


What’s the weirdest Zucc meme you’ve come across? Comment below.

6 Replies to “Z U C C ~ A Transmedia Tale ~”

  1. Very interesting how Facebook has really ID’ed itself as the front page of the internet despite the fact the phrase “front page of the internet” is for reddit, but thats none of my business. Honestly, the best zuckerberg meme was the MAFS crossover you did because it was so accurate. The fact that we, some random uni students in 1 course in 1 degree. are all blogging about him right now means he really is transmedia af.

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  2. hahaha you’re blog post made me laugh. You’re right Zuckerberg for so long has been this looming figure in the background of everything on Facebook. I guess you could say Zuckerberg is Facebook, and his portrayal through different transmedia has only made the ambiguity around the man more greater. I couldn’t help but laugh when you said that some people think Facebook is the internet – my grandparents are one of those people.

    Was a really good read, keep it up xx

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