Shoot ’em in the stack


“While we weren’t looking, the walled garden won.” – Jon Evans

Let’s talk about stacks. For Takeshi Kovacs, ‘stacks’ “serve as a receptacle for the human consciousness“. For the average American, a stack is the perfect breakfast snack. And for us, today, stacks are media technologies that have layers which permit subsequent layers. And if that sounds confusing, that’s because it is! So, I’ve made a diagram to explain a media-technology stack, in regard to Snapchat:

Screen Shot 2018-05-11 at 12.57.33 pm.png


Now, when we consider a stack, we need to consider how open the stack’s layers are for users, content, and developers, who controls the stack, and how much control they have over it. And here, lies the Apple v Android debate. Since the beginning of time, the discourse between Apple’s close-sourced walled-garden and Android’s open-sourced ‘Bazaar‘ has existed.

Last year, I wrote a piece about how terrifying Apple’s walled-garden logic is, but it seems that Android’s seemingly open and ideal paradigm is becoming increasingly similar to Apple’s walled-garden. So, for this week’s remediation I created a meme which exemplifies Android’s facade of openness.

apple v android

Interested in the Apple v Android debate? Here’s some links so you can find out more.

Who can you trust with your data? Why Apple’s closed-network is seemingly more trustworthy.

App store v google play

iPhone v Android

iOS software vs Android software

Why android hasn’t beaten apple in business


Apple v Android: Where do you stand? Comment below.


4 Replies to “Shoot ’em in the stack”

  1. Hi Jasmyn, your post was entertaining yet very informative! You cleverly unpacked the concept of ‘stack’ by presenting it visually in your Snapchat diagram and I thoroughly enjoyed your stack analogies because it helped to further explain the confusing concept.
Your remediation is so creative and funny. One of the best ones I’ve seen for this weeks topic. Awesome job!

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  2. I love how you incorporated the American stack compared to what we BCM 112 students would refer to as a “stack”, this will probably become a meme!
    You gave a really clear and concise overall understanding of what a ‘stack’ is and even provided some awesome 21st-century example to go along with your argument! Check out this interesting video on the on-going iPhone vs Android debate, I think you’ll find it very interesting as it links to your blog quite nicely!

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  3. I really like how you backed up your blog with visuals breaking down how exactly the whole ‘stack’ concept works. Its interesting when you get to thinking, especially about Apple’s stack how its designed in a way that keeps you on their products and apps. I like how you linked it back to Apple’s closed circuit, my only recommendation would be to look at the effects of the closed circuit and how it can be detrimental. For more on that point check out:

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