The Art of Listening

Narrative Practice is an approach to counselling that is adaptable to everyday life, and professional circumstances. It “centres people as experts in their own lives”, and allows opportunities for individuals to truly learn to listen (Dulwich Centre, 2018). It is governed by two key principles: curiosity, and inquisition, and among its many practicalities, it can allow individuals to realign their thinking to understand themselves, and others.

Throughout this semester I have learnt a lot about Narrative Principles such as experience-near narratives, small stories of success, the absent but implicit, and outsider witnessing. I also learnt a lot about my fellow classmates, and about myself. But most importantly, I learnt how to listen.

Photo by Alex Holyoake on Unsplash

I learnt to listen to people’s words – words they use often, words they hold onto, words they just can’t say. Because it is these words that reveal the intrinsic values of a person.

As Kate often stated, listening is genuinely hard. But, once you get the hang of it it is amazing what you can learn about people. And, by embracing the key narrative principles of curiosity and inquisition, listening becomes an easier task.

I have thoroughly enjoyed hearing the stories of my peers, and special guests throughout the semester. An inspiring solidarity arose between us as the weeks went by, and I think we have all deeply reflected upon ourselves, each other, and the future of work.

Now, we progress a little more confidently into our futures, whether that be into the professional world, or into another semester of studies.

Thank you to Kate and Giverny for providing us with an uplifting semester full of growth and surprises.

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