Tiny Things Make All the Difference

In 2012, it was all about the Thigh-Gap. And, then the Kardashians brought in the Thigh-Brows. And lately, we are celebrating everyone from athletic women, to curvy girls, to drag queens (the most prevalent praises on my personal Instagram feed) and everyone in-between. So why do I, like many others, still feel the need to ‘fit’ a certain body description?

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Smiling on the Inside

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The truth is, even from a young age, I always felt that I have. I was always taller than the other girls and most of the boys too. I had an inclination towards competitive sports, and I loved to dance. And the result was an incredibly scrawny, and slightly muscular but altogether insecure child.

Now, as anyone would know, our bodies go through rapid changes at certain points in our lives. And during mine I was suddenly endowed with, well how do I put this, massive boobs. And this just threw everything out of whack. They got in the way of sports, of dancing, of cute outfits – everything.

It took some getting used to, but I was eventually okay with them. Then, social media happened.

Suddenly, I was able to browse thousands of images on my social media feeds daily. Many of which featured hyper-perfected bodies and faces that I didn’t know were unattainable. Next came many years of picking myself apart – whether it was the legs, or the chest, or the weight, or the cheekbones being too puffy – it was always something. And social media was right there beside me reminding me of something new to focus on everyday.

Until, I made a conscious effort to focus on the truths of social media, and seek out realistic channels to follow.

Photo by Scott Webb on Unsplash

Now, I have steered myself down a more positive path of enacting a healthy lifestyle to reach body goals that I have set within myself. I eat cleaner, I work out a lot, I focus on gaining strength, and not so much on the number on the scale. And I am a lot happier for it.

But, I wouldn’t have been able to steer my self-perception so far around without shifting my focus from what (I thought) the internet ‘wanted’ from me and what I wanted within myself.

So next time you find yourself comparing your reflection to the image staring at you on your timeline, stop, take a breath and tell yourself one thing you like about yourself, or one thing you’re proud of yourself for. It’s those tiny things, one thing at a time, that can make all the difference. And I’ll kick us off with mine for today:

My name is Jasmyn, I can proudly say I wore shorts to the gym after years of being uncomfortable with my legs, and I will be personal-blogging as often as I can. I wanted to start things off with a short story of empowerment, and who knows where it will go from here…

I’d love to hear everyone’s Tiny Thing for today, so if you’re reading this, please comment it below!

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