The Truth About Interning

An excerpt from a blog produced for Your Social Chapter.

When I tell people that I’ve completed 3 internships before even reaching my graduate year, they look at me like I’ve got two heads and six eyes.

But the reality is, a university degree on its own may not be enough anymore. Especially in the fields of marketing, communications and digital media. So, learning inside of the classroom is just as important as gaining real-world experience and expanding your professional portfolio.

Now, when you hear the word intern, an image of a poor, sleep deprived university student hastily completing endless coffee runs, and not doing much actual work usually comes to mind. And sure, plenty of businesses see interns as an opportunity for free support staff, but there are plenty of agencies out there that will give you the experience you need to enter the workforce.

In Sydney, I’ve had internships that I would dare call slave-labour (the really generic I’m-everyone’s-bitch role). I’ve had internships where I did a bit of work, but was left thinking: what did I really achieve in that 3 months? And, I’ve had internships where I am excited to get started each week, and learn so, so much.

To give you a small insight to the kinds of things I do here at YSC, a usual day may include any of the following tasks:

  • Make content (videos, video stings, graphics, images, GIFs, stories)
  • Write copy (like I am doing now!)
  • Analyse social media statistics
  • Think about strategies that would work for different businesses
  • Think of ideas for content and copy
  • Email marketing creation

And the best part: I work from home. Thanks to the wonderful invention of the internet, there’s no need for me to commute for hours into a city office. I can reach Niamh through email, Trello and text comfortably, while sitting in my trackies and uggs.

So, there you have it, interning at a social media marketing agency in Sydney can be an exciting, challenging, and time-consuming thing. But, there’s no other way to prepare yourself for the workforce than jumping in and giving it a go.

2 Replies to “The Truth About Interning”

  1. This is great! Interning is sooo important in Uni because at the end of the day, a degree is just a piece of paper and doesn’t guarantee any job after graduation- it increases your chances, but unfortunately it’s the bare minimum nowadays. How were you able to find your internships? I’ve been having a bit of a difficult time finding one that works with my Uni schedule.

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    1. Hi Steff, I definitely agree with you – a bachelor degree is becoming like a basic requirement for a job, rather than an advantage. To answer your question about sourcing internships, there’s a multitude of places to find them. I started with a google search, searching job sites such as GumtreeJobs, LinkedIn, Indeed etc, and also on Facebook groups for job adverts. Make sure to do research on the company before accepting, and ask lots of questions about what your duties will involve. Currently, one day a week has worked for me but in saying that it was quite demanding when trying to balance 4 subjects and 20+ hours work a week. At the end of the day, you’ve got to find a balance for you, and some sacrifices may be required for the sake of your career – good luck!

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