The Global Bubble

In today’s society it is hard not to be a global citizen.

We are so connected by the internet, our phones, and travel that is becoming increasingly quick. In our daily lives, many of the objects we use were produced overseas, or made using traded ingredients/materials. But somehow, I still feel stuck in a bubble in my little corner of Sydney, Australia.

In terms of travel, I am fairly global. I do love an Island Destination – enjoying travels to Fiji, Bali, Thailand and Hawaii in my time. I am actually travelling right now, bringing you this post all the way from New York, USA. On my current trip I have made many global connections through studying at UNC in Charlotte (there’s me on the left… or above if you’re on mobile!) including professional connections with businesses located in that area.

When I travel I love to become immersed in the culture of that place, and really experience the essence of how that place came to be. You can find me at museums and exploring the city to discover its history, cultural practices and any differences I can see between this culture and my own.

And in this sense, I do truly return home a little bit more ‘global’ each time I travel.

However, when I am at home I can’t help but feel very localised. My whole life exists in a small radius and the only global connections I make come in the form of online shopping and the products I consume. There’s actually a local ongoing joke that you have to check your passport as you leave my area, because we love to just stay inside.

The media I consume probably doesn’t help my cause. I mostly consume via the internet – social media, and streaming sites. So, I can assume that most, if not all the media I consume is targeted to me using algorithms. And, as a result I usually see news content that is localised, or breaking global news and my entertainment and popular culture experiences are closely aligned to Australian and American cultures. However, this semester I am taking Digital Asia, and I am very excited to embark on a different cultural experience in the popular media.

I’m also a global worker. I work as a content producer handling up to 5 clients at once – 3 of them being located in Ireland. This has been a very interesting experience, because I have had to learn how to localise the content from the copy (how things are written), down to the style of images used and the way I produce graphics.

Photo by NordWood Themes on Unsplash

So, at the end of the day I am a global citizen. Elements of globalisation are present in almost all aspects of my life. But somehow, although we are becoming increasingly global, I still can’t help but feel that my little bubble is getting bigger, and the rest of the world, further away.

Cover photo by Joshua Rawson-Harris on Unsplash

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