Wollongong Strong

“What makes you strong?”

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This is the phrase that I will be using as a basis for my digital artifact, Wollongong Strong.

It will be a portrait series which combines imagery and written words to share short stories that celebrate the strength of those within the Cancer Care Community. And, it’s digital counterpart will exist online as a forum for discussion and support, in hopes of creating an online community. Here’s a prototype of the website.

The project stems from my previous work, The Pigeon Hole. It has been developed and reframed in collaboration with ISLHD as part of renovations to the Wollongong Hospital Cancer Care Centre, to liven up the experience of visiting the space.

Hopefully, this project will provide a platform for individuals to share short stories that inspire, empower and ultimately celebrate their strength.

Further Materials

Portfolio of work

Featured image by Vladimir Malyutin on Unsplash

3 Replies to “Wollongong Strong”

  1. Excellent, Excellent delivery of your pitch. It was top tier, although the audio may have been a little muffled you did an excellent job of visually communicating your projects goals and utilities. Carrying on from ‘The Pigeon Hole’ and developing on your idea in order to create a sense of community within the hospital is a decision that will bring together people from many walks of life and will give personal value to those who engage as viewers and participants. Although there could be a potential barrier to getting people from the Hospital to participate, whether its time, being present physically or anything else. You may be able to find compelling stories by those around you, perhaps use the twitter #BCM hashtag to find people who want to share their personal stories. The most compelling ones by those affected could be sitting in your class room and a bigger community creates more opportunity for support.

    Adding a website URL to the bottom of each portrait could propel the project to a broader audience, If you have the adobe suite you can host a website using their ‘Adobe Portfolio’ app, or try to find another free website host. Wollongong Strong is an idea that could begin trending as a hashtag so have a think about people using it as a way to submit their stories via social media.

    This project has so much potential in the bigger picture and on an intimate scale. Keep on at it!

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    1. Hi Reece, I will admit I thought it was a great idea to record my audio through my airpods. I did my best to fix it in Post Production but there was no saving it – lesson learned! Thanks for your suggestion about looking at a broader audience, it may serve me well for the purposes of iterating the project design – I may give it a go if the Hospital is ok with that.

      I do like the idea of the website URL because it is easier for people to understand than a QR code. Also, I love the idea of a hashtag – that will really help create an online community. Thanks so much for your feedback!


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