It’s review time, Pitches

Feedback is the most important tool for project development. Without it, important insights may be missed, and integral problems may never arise to be addressed. Below, I will be reviewing project pitches from Michelle and Sunny. Both projects have a similar goal: to further the marketing ventures of a client, but the projects vary greatly in how this will be achieved.

Michelle – EBook

Firstly, your concept is clearly defined, and has significant utility, both to yourself and your client. I appreciate how your current project has stemmed from a previous one, and you are using it as a means to develop your skill set. Your pitch video was professionally done, which is a testament to your abilities as a creative marketer.

In terms of making the diary interactive, have you thought about how this will look and work for users? I think this is a great element to add to the artifact, but it may not “speak to” (integrate with) the EBook. Will you be able to update the Ebook as needed according to interactions with the diary (or can this happen automatically)? Personally, if a company’s website is not easy to navigate or the interactivity is not smooth it does impact my perception of the company. So, this may be something to consider when developing your artifact. A great idea may be to pre-test the new website features with a sample segment before launching it to pick up any bugs or improvements that need to be made.

In your pitch you mentioned that you will need to source a free Ebook plugin. Depending on which platform you are using to develop the website, there are a few options, but during my quick search it seemed that most were optimised for WordPress, so this may be something you need to consider.

Overall, this sounds like a great project and you seem to have a handle on exactly what you need to do to achieve it. I would encourage you to share your progress with your peers and your client to continue getting feedback on design elements, interactivity etc. I’m really excited to see how your project turns out!

Sunny – Digital Marketing

Wow! It seems like you’re tackling a lot for your digital artifact. You’ve got a clear utility and an achievable goal.

Firstly, have you identified the audience that you would like to target? With digital marketing there is so much rich data that can help to do this – maybe take a look at the company’s social media pages (they all have in-built analytics) and if you haven’t already get the website connected to Google Analytics.

You mentioned that a possible barrier to content creation is the physical distance between yourself and the physical store. So, this may require extensive planning on your part. Generally, with social media you can get away with posting a lot of curated content, and creating your own graphics (Canva is great for this). So, this may help you combat this issue. There’s also a bunch of free websites where you can source royalty-free images to use (Unsplash and Pixabay are some of my favourites).

I had a look at the existing website, and my feedback would be to simplify the buying process. To encourage sales, would you consider adding a prominent ‘SHOP’ button, which then lets you filter based on the categories that you have at the top? I think this might really help streamline the process, as new users may not know where to go to purchase an item.

Instagram and Facebook are also great platforms for driving sales as they allow you to set up stores within the platforms themselves. You will just require an image and link to the product but it’s very simple to set up!

If you are intreseted in learning more about SEO and how Google AdWords work, I would strongly suggest signing up for Google Garage. It’s a free course produced by Google (and you can skip to the sections that will help with your DA).

Overall, my biggest feedback would be to produce some sort of marketing plan and select key metrics by which you will measure your success. This sounds like an awesome project and I’m excited to see what you come up with for social media content, especially because you’ve already got a visually intriguing product to showcase.

Featured image by Paweł Czerwiński on Unsplash

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