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You had a very honest approach to reviewing your original project. Acknowledging when it’s time to change a project is a great quality to have, especially in the chopping and changing world of digital media. You were able to narrow down the issues to having the “wrong platform” and “wrong audience” – this is an integral skill to have when managing social media accounts – so well done!

Your new project has greatly benefited from your use of a new platform, approach and feedback loops. You’ve produced a great utility of personal career development (which has worked out – congratulations on being offered representation!). On Tik Tok, you have cleverly curated content by the process of randomisation, and peer feedback, which has payed off. So, this is a great strategy.

Have you considered monetising your content? Recently, Tik Tok has introduced advertising on its platform, so this may be a great opportunity for you to increase your audience and start focusing on reach over volume of content posted.

Your top performing content appealed to niche groups, like the gym protein shaker video. Have you considered branding yourself on the platform according to a few of these niches and sticking to those types of content? This may help develop your image as an influencer and help you to reach more specific audiences to build a loyal following.

Here’s some strategies to increase your followers and get you on your way to TikTok fame.


Your pitch was professionally constructed and you used great examples of your work. Your analysis of Pinterest was really interesting to hear, as this is a platform that is seldom delved into (at least for myself anyway). It’s great to see that you’ve researched the platform and are able to implement strategies to help your content perform well.

An issue you identified was the use of Instagram. Here, I have a few things you could consider: is your target audience on Instagram? If they are, what are they using it for? The answers to these questions will help you develop an appropriate strategy for the content that will best suit your audience.

Generally, a good strategy to use is the 80/20 rule. So, you would post a mixture of graphics (text over images), testimonials (from customers), free images that suit the brand, informative posts, and ‘sales posts’ (show products). This helps create a well-rounded variety of content and keeps users engaged. Also, I would suggest utilising stories on Instagram (every day) to keep your profile top of mind for your users.

Great job using Google reviews, this will boost your website SEO and its performance in search engines. I would suggest to go a GoogleMyBusiness check up and make sure your website is fully optimised, as this will assist in getting more traffic. Also, if you’re going to do AdWords, I would suggest brushing up on how it works, as it is very specific – the best place to do that is here.

Also, I wouldn’t get too upset with not seeing conversions from social media, as this is almost impossible to track (with no direct link between exposure to social media and visiting a website able to be tracked). Would you consider instead focusing on referrals? This means getting more clicks to your websites from your social media posts.

To do this, you might need to consider if your content and copy is the best it can be. For the copy:

  • is it relevant?
  • is it entertaining?
  • is it too long?
  • is the CTA clear and visible immediately?

For the content:

  • is it visually striking?
  • is it right for the platform?
  • is it clear where to click?

Paid promotion is a great way to go, and will definitely help with your goals. Here’s some tips on how they work. Here’s a further useful link on how to boost sales using Instagram. Well done overall!

Featured image by Rodion Kutsaev on Unsplash

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