How to make your university club last past your graduation

“Business owners must try to adapt strategic choices to match the current internal organizational situation and external market conditions.”

McDowell, Harris and Geho, 2016, p. 1907

The UOW DMS has become an integral part of the Bachelor and Communications faculty at UOW. Whether it be through peer support, or supporting the faculty towards online learning on Discord due to COVID-19, the DMS ‘brand’ continues to work towards a better future for BCM graduates.

The society has a prominent role to play in transitioning students from their factory high school ideologies to creative, independent graduates. But first, it has to survive the departing of a majority of its founding members.

‘Brands’ notoriously have difficulty retaining interest over time (Preece et al. 2018, p. 331). And, this is especially true for niche-clubs as it is often difficult to replicate the Founders’ passion in new executives after Founders graduate.

Herein lies the Digital Media Society’s greatest obstacle: how do we train our own future leaders to ensure brand longevity?

WATCH: Onboarding Portal: A Solution for Brand Longevity

Browse my slides here:

Project Timeline

  • Week 3

    Background Research:

    • Past Digital Media Society DA’s
    • How to add a password-protected portal on WP
    • Strategies for brand longevity
    • How to construct a portal
  • Week 4

    Update DMS Website

    Create Portal on DMS Website

  • Week 5

    Content Planning Meeting with DMS Executive Team

    Create a Content Plan

  • Week 6

    Create assets for the content

  • Weeks 7 – 13


    • Videos
    • Podcasts
    • Transcripts
    • Graphics
    • Documents

    Iterate Content via established feedback loops with DMS Executives

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McDowell, W, Harris, M and Geho, P, 2016, ‘Longevity in small business: The effect of maturity on strategic focus and business performance’, Journal of Business Research, vol. 69, no. 5, pp.1904-1908.

Preece, C, Kerrigan, F and O’reilly, D, 2018, ‘License to Assemble: Theorizing Brand Longevity’, Journal of Consumer Research, vol. 46, no. 2, pp.330-350.

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