Tartarus: A Unique Gaming Experience

For the past 10 weeks, I have been developing a collectible card game which I would describe as Gwent mixed with Yu-Gi-Oh but based on Greek Mythology. It is a fusion of the elements from the fantasy gaming genre that I love and the mechanics of Yu-Gi-Oh and Gwent that make the games so exciting.

Below is an overview of my progress with prototyping the game and the iterations that it has undergone along the way. If you are not familiar with the concept of Tartarus, please watch my pitch video here.


Tartarus has come a long way from cut up pieces of paper with pen scrawled across them. Now, Tartarus is fully formed and functional, with teething issues worked out. I have been keeping track of my prototyping process through taking images and sharing TikToks of my progress (below).


I have to make one more deck, should I make Poseidon, Hades or the Creature deck? #uowcreative #fyp #cardgame #tabletopgames #gwent #hearthstone

♬ Purple Hat – Sofi Tukker

One element that has not come to fruition is the digital companion to the game. I have re-evaluated this idea due to the logistics of holding a phone while playing, because this would break the magic circle of the game experience. Instead, I would hope to include augmented reality as a way to play the game virtually with friends. Hence, the magic circle then exists within the digital app instead of being split between two physical spaces. There would also be an option for a completely digital version of the game where players can scan the barcode of their base deck, and any additional decks purchased to multi-add cards to their app, or scan cards individually if they trade with other players. Thus, turning Tartarus into a transmedia gaming experience.

Game Mechanics


A short aduio explanation of Tartarus’ game narrative.

Project Timeline

  • Week 10

    Re-write and design handbook

    Script audio rule book

  • Week 11

    Produce audio rule book

    Produce audio tutorial

    Produce mock up Lore Video

  • Week 12

    Start Dossier

  • Week 13

    Continue with, and submit Dossier

    Prepare document to approach Game Developers with to sell the IP for the game

Featured image by Markus Winkler on Unsplash

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