I am a fourth-year UOW student studying a Bachelor of Communications and Media Studies (Dean’s Scholar), majoring in Digital Media and Marketing. I consider myself an aesthetic perfectionist (just look at this website design!) and I love to think about new ways to deliver marketing solutions. Among full time study and part time work, I like to find time for gym and travel. I consider my time spent on exchange at UNCC some of my most valuable learning experiences.


Net-works is a collection of my personal thoughts on current issues within the media industry. It is also intended to act as a platform to showcase my past, present, and ongoing projects and university works.

From an early age, I was fascinated by the world of cinema. It amazed me that such beauty could be captured through a lens. So eventually, I grabbed my dad’s hand-me-down Canon, fired up my iMovie application, and I began trying to capture that beauty myself; which led to my passion for digital media.

Now, I am a university student studying digital media and communications, marketing, and writing. I love creating digital art pieces, discussing media issues, and keeping in touch with my creative side through my creative writing and marketing solutions. All of which, I get to do as part of my degree.

In the future, I hope to find my place in the marketing and communications world. Whether that be as a social media consultant, marketing creative, researcher or designer. But for now, I am improving my writing and media production skills, learning about the media world, and blogging about it.


I am passionate about exploring the boundaries of digital media and traditional film to create stunning, abstract art pieces. And, I relish in creating digital portraits of people that exude the essence of their unique personality. I also quite enjoy providing design solutions for small-scale events, and social media channels.

My digital media projects can be viewed on my Portfolio.

‘The Pigeon Hole’ can be viewed on the following platform:

For more information about the project, click here.

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