“Congratulations. You’re now married to Mark Zuckerberg.”

Would you marry someone who knew more about you than you do them? Because that's exactly what signing up for Facebook is: a blind marriage of data. With this week being all about information access it was a conveniently perfect time for Mark Zuckerberg to finally screw up. As I was doing some article searching … Continue reading “Congratulations. You’re now married to Mark Zuckerberg.”


Oh, how times have changed…

¬†"What has been communicated (message) has been less important... than the particular medium which people communicate" -¬†Marshall McLuhan As someone who's just spent a week physically editing film - let me tell you - it's not easy. Not to mention the sheer enormity of the process (just picture metres and metres of film rolls while … Continue reading Oh, how times have changed…

The Pigeon Hole

You learn from your mistakes. How 'bout that? - @PastaNathan Introducing my new and improved Digital Artefact: The Pigeon Hole. I will be managing a photo series which will appear across Instagram, Twitter, Facebook. The aim of this series is to confront and combat stereotypes by changing the way we see each other. Through sharing … Continue reading The Pigeon Hole

Welcome back

As another semester commences, I am forced to go through the agony of writing another introductory post. For those new to my blog, my name is Jasmyn, I am 19 years old, and I like making "stuff" - as Travis Wall would put it. I am in my second year of a Bachelor of Arts … Continue reading Welcome back