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The concept/intent for my major work surrounds the story of a pair of lungs and the changing relationship between them. I drew inspiration from the body systems and organs – specifically the lungs and then focused on the kinaesthetic movement of the lungs (inhale, exhale); as well as the visual appearance of lungs (2 rounded, mirrored objects always connected and moving in unison). I also considered the ideational approach of the movement of lungs during different states of breath (calm, panicked, lack of breath etc.). My work follows the narrative structure of normally functioning lungs which undergo trauma leading to a lung transplant and the complications which follow. I intended to display the changing nature of plutonic and filial relationships; the way in which people may leave someone’s life only to be replaced, however this does not entail smooth sailing for the newly formed relationship…

My movement was derived from the process of improvisation, using the aforementioned stimuli as inspiration. I then selected and refined this movement to create my motif: rising of the body drawing the arms up at the sides, and then floating the arms back down as the body collapses, in a suspended and sustained manner.

I have used colour symbolism to define my sections and provide implicit meaning within the piece. Blue lighting represents calmness and is accompanied by soft sustained movement quality, and light-hearted music, seen throughout sections 1 and 4. Alternatively, red lighting portrays the danger associated with the collapse of the lung, as introduced in transition one through flashing red which communicates panic. And is presented in the angular and erratic manipulation of the movement as the tempo quickens (influenced by the percussive and intense aural accompaniment). Transition 2 is completely black, portraying death and then introduces heartbeat and bright white lighting to illustrate a new beginning. A hooded dancer in grey appears in Section 3, symbolising the unknown, and the hood insinuating a “closed-off” nature. This dancer uses a second motif consisting of percussive, sharp, straight lines to contrast the soft and sustained dynamic of motif one. I have digitally manipulated the footage to appear mirrored which relates to the mirrored nature of lungs, and to show a cohesive relationship between the dancers. During section 3 the footage becomes un-mirrored – showing the conflict between the dancers. I have created unity within the work through the use of recurring phrases of movement which are developed according to the intent of each section, as well as the recurring use of colour symbolism of blue and red, and the use of props (pieces of cloth) which connect the dancers when their relationship is cohesive and disappear when their relationship is struggling.