Allure: “The quality of being powerfully and mysteriously attractive or fascinating”.

 Become immersed in an underwater world as the enticing Siren lures you further into her grasp. Relax as the three-dimensional configuration of the screens subverts your perspective of reality. Use the pedal (gently!) to move the water and watch as the light ricochets around the room, and the projection is distorted.

A-lure is a multi-screen installation work that draws on the notion of ‘the double’ which Joan Jonas explores in her Reanimation (2010,/2012,/2013) installation. Inspired by Jonas’ crystal sculpture, the video is projected through water onto a mirror which refracts the light onto a roof. The performative element of Jonas’ work is reimagined by enlisting the viewer as the performer, allowing them to manipulate the sculpture and create their own unique version of the work.

For further information, see here



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