The Pigeon Hole

What is The Pigeon Hole?

The premise is simple: I ask you to write one word that you feel stereotypes you. This could be a word you have been called, a word you think you are associated to, or even a word that you consider yourself as. I will then ask you one simple question: Why did you choose that word? The resulting communication will be documented either in a photograph and quote, or video format, and displayed across some of the social media channels.

The Aim

The aim of The Pigeon Hole is to challenge individuals to consider how they are Pigeon-Holed. This could be how they see themselves, how they think they are seen by others, or possibly a stereotype they know has affected them in the past. Through The Pigeon Hole, individuals are able to confront their stereotypes, embrace them, and move past them. While, users are able to see the stories of others, and gain a better understanding of their fellow university students. Thus, the project acts as a platform through which everyone’s voice is heard, enabling us to learn from each other, and grow stronger as a community.

Why I started the project

I am a high-achieving female student. In an academic climate, I have always felt that assumptions were made about my intelligence because of my gender. From a young age, an intrinsic guilt manifested in my psyche, causing me to avoid acknowledging my talent and achievements, because I thought I would be judged about them. I didn’t think I was allowed to be smart. It was only through combatting this perception I had of myself that I was able to overcome it, and consider my intelligence as a strength, not a liability.

I wanted others to be able to become empowered in the way that I did – by tackling their stereotypes head on. So, I created the Pigeon Hole to enable individuals to so, whilst giving them a platform to share their story, and celebrating who they are through the portrait-style photography.

My Favourite Pigeon Hole

My favourite thing about the Pigeon Hole is the unexpected stories that arise from the process. One of my favourite stories was Michelle and Nikiya’s. They felt Pigeon-Holed as ‘mature-age(d)’ which is a perspective I wasn’t aware of until I met them. It really opened my eyes to how different the university experience is for every individual student.


The Pigeon Hole x UOW Open Day 2018

For Open Day 2018, I teamed up with UOW LHA to ask our prospective students: ‘What is your creative type?’. See the gallery below.

Thank you to Pheobe Seeto for her lovely photography on the day.

Click the image to view the gallery.


Follow Us and Get Involved

You can follow the Pigeon Hole on the following social media channels:


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Twitter        |  @PigeonHole_UOW

Instagram  |  PigeonHole_UOW

If you are a UOW student/alumni, and would like to appear on the Pigeon Hole, please contact me at or through my personal social media channels.

Featured Image

Nathan Dumlao

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