Allure: "The quality of being powerfully and mysteriously attractive or fascinating".  Become immersed in an underwater world as the enticing Siren lures you further into her grasp. Relax as the three-dimensional configuration of the screens subverts your perspective of reality. Use the pedal (gently!) to move the water and watch as the light ricochets around … Continue reading A-Lure

Kaleidoscopic Reverie

Prismatic flares surge his mind’s  Rivers; obscuring hellish Memoirs with gallant veneer. Real war, his war: at war.  Kaleidoscopic Reverie explores the inner turmoil of a returned soldier as, erratically, he reminisces on his experiences in the war. The fast-paced rhythm of the piece reflects the rapidly chopping and changing rhythm of his memories, as they … Continue reading Kaleidoscopic Reverie