The Art of Listening

I learnt to listen to people's words - words they use often, words they hold onto, words they just can't say. Because it is these words that reveal the intrinsic values of a person. 


Become immersed in an underwater world as the enticing Siren lures you further into her grasp.

Copyright lawyers HATE him

"And quite often, Disney’s great genius, his spark of creativity, was built upon the work of others."  - Lawrence Lessig It's a tale as old as time, true as it can be. Nothing is ever truly original. I like to consider myself a modern-day Shakespeare. You know, borrowing materials, sprucing them up a bit, making them … Continue reading Copyright lawyers HATE him

Kaleidoscopic Revervie

PROJECT STATEMENT Prismatic flares surge his mind's  Rivers; obscuring hellish Memoirs with gallant veneer. Real war, his war: at war.  Kaleidoscopic Reverie explores the inner turmoil of a returned soldier as, erratically, he reminisces on his experiences in the war. The fast-paced rhythm of the piece reflects the rapidly chopping and changing rhythm of his memories, … Continue reading Kaleidoscopic Revervie

Working With Film (is hard)

If I have learnt anything during the last week, it is that working with film is hard. After distressing my film celluloids (see here) I eagerly awaited the moment when I got to see them on the big screen. However, they were an epic fail. The paint was not opaque enough to allow light through … Continue reading Working With Film (is hard)