Tartarus: The collectible card game for fantasy RPG lovers

In ancient times, the Gods went to war. The victory meant supreme power over the world, and defeat meant spending eternity in Tartarus. The Titanomachy saw Zeus, son of Reya and God of Thunder and Lightning, go to war with the Titans, led by Kronos, King of the Titanes and the God of time, and …

Tartarus: A Unique Gaming Experience

For the past 10 weeks, I have been developing a collectible card game which I would describe as Gwent mixed with Yu-Gi-Oh but based on Greek Mythology. It is a fusion of the elements from the fantasy gaming genre that I love and the mechanics of Yu-Gi-Oh and Gwent that make the games so exciting.

Awkward Family Dinner

Games Night is a sacred tradition among many families and household. On those hallowed eves, brother battles against brother, wars are waged between mother and daughter, and friends fight to be crowned the funniest at the table. But, not only do interactive table top games strengthen bonds and bring joy, they are great for improving motor and problem solving skills!