Shoot ’em in the stack

  "While we weren’t looking, the walled garden won." - Jon Evans Let's talk about stacks. For Takeshi Kovacs, 'stacks' "serve as a receptacle for the human consciousness". For the average American, a stack is the perfect breakfast snack. And for us, today, stacks are media technologies that have layers which permit subsequent layers. And if … Continue reading Shoot ’em in the stack

Z U C C ~ A Transmedia Tale ~

Transmedia storytelling expands well beyond blockbuster movie franchises. My first recollection of Mark Zuckerberg was as this ominous demi-god who ruled over all the internet-land [pictured below]. Facebook revolutionised the way we use the internet. In fact, in some cases, people actually think that Facebook is the internet, or rather, that it is so dominant that the … Continue reading Z U C C ~ A Transmedia Tale ~

“Congratulations. You’re now married to Mark Zuckerberg.”

Would you marry someone who knew more about you than you do them? Because that's exactly what signing up for Facebook is: a blind marriage of data. With this week being all about information access it was a conveniently perfect time for Mark Zuckerberg to finally screw up. As I was doing some article searching … Continue reading “Congratulations. You’re now married to Mark Zuckerberg.”