Shoot ’em in the stack

  "While we weren’t looking, the walled garden won." - Jon Evans Let's talk about stacks. For Takeshi Kovacs, 'stacks' "serve as a receptacle for the human consciousness". For the average American, a stack is the perfect breakfast snack. And for us, today, stacks are media technologies that have layers which permit subsequent layers. And if … Continue reading Shoot ’em in the stack


“Congratulations. You’re now married to Mark Zuckerberg.”

Would you marry someone who knew more about you than you do them? Because that's exactly what signing up for Facebook is: a blind marriage of data. With this week being all about information access it was a conveniently perfect time for Mark Zuckerberg to finally screw up. As I was doing some article searching … Continue reading “Congratulations. You’re now married to Mark Zuckerberg.”

World War H

"Each successfully exploited target is theoretically useful as a means to infiltrating another possible target." - source In the beginning, we fought our wars with spears and swords, and then, with guns and grenades, and now with keyboards and codes. It is widely believed that our next world war will be that of a Cyberwar … Continue reading World War H

Hacktivism and Me

"The defining human struggle not as left versus right, or faith versus reason, but as individual versus institution" -Raffi Khatchadourian Hacktivism is everywhere: on our TV screens, in our papers, and pretty much all over the internet. So, this week being all about Digital Resistance, I have created a glitchy gif of a certain infamous … Continue reading Hacktivism and Me

Web of lies We've all seen a tweet, a news story, a Facebook post, or something on the internet that just didn't seem right. But how many times do we actually check the correctness of the information we come across on the internet? This week I have created a video which demonstrates just how easy it is … Continue reading Web of lies

The system formerly known as the internet

"This is not the internet anymore" - Teodor Mitew This week, I have created 2 versions of a meme which represents the paradigmatic shift from the internet as a distributed network to an internet governed by a rise in social media due to Walled Gardens, resulting in a digital Feudal system. Here's how the internet resembles … Continue reading The system formerly known as the internet