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There was a lot involved in the production of this project, to say the least. To name a few, this project involved: “facially-mapped” animations, special effects, post production, filming, editing, photoshopping, 3D objects and animation, flash animations, website creation, and much much more. If you would like further information as to how any elements of the project were created, please comment below.

As for the story itself, it is based around a futuristic governmental system which has their ‘subjects’ choose their own fate as a part of a coming-of-age ceremony. The information this subject receives to aid in making this choice is provided to them by The Interface (which is directly inspired by a higher being of artificial intelligence). However, the viewer themselves unknowingly chooses the fate of the protagonist (as they are the controller of the narratorial direction of the interactive film). Thus, indirectly prompting them to consider their own morality – both within and external to the film. Furthermore, the representation of two distant and juxtaposing futures infers that mankind has a possibility of ending up in either of these. The negative connotations of the destruction, and colour symbolism of red within “bad” future suggest that this future could be brought on by immorality and unsustainable living; and the positive connotations of the advanced technology and the brightly lit pristine city within the “good” future suggest that this future is possible if mankind looks after the environment and learns to exist cohesively. There is also a complete lack of the natural world within both of these shots, inferring that either way, humanity has and always will corrupt the purity of nature for their own self- interest (whether that be good or bad).


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